Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting Boom

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Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting Boom

With private payrolls on the rise in the US, and Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting ramping up in 2017, we here at MRI wanted to take a minute and outline some of our Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting take-aways.

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 If you’re adding to the team you’re not alone! The boom in Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting has been seen making a wave across the Midwest, with everything from the upcoming manufacturing and logistics hiring event in Chicago, to overall increases in the number of postings for manufacturing positions across the state. This overall upward shift is exciting, and in some cases, poses a challenge. With everyone hiring, and the overall unemployment in the state less than 4%, bringing the best and the brightest onto your team, instead of your competitors’ team is a challenge you must meet if you’re going to stay ahead.

If your Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting efforts are going to successful, you need to know how to stay on top in this type of market. How are you going to determine your Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting strategy? With multiple companies competing for top talent, how will you make sure that you’re getting the cream of the crop? Working backwards from the result that you want- hiring the best of the best- all the way through the strategy you to need to achieve those results, may help you decide your best strategy.

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Being aware that it is a competitive market isn’t enough. You need to know specifically what’s happening with your competitors. Your Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting efforts will need to focus on strategically focusing on the resources that matter to the highest caliber of candidate. It’s not just about pay- the work schedule, the team, your company culture, and the fringe benefits you offer all make a difference in the ease of your recruiting efforts. What do you have that your competitors don’t? Why would working for you be better than your competitor?
After you’ve
determined your competitive advantage and your strategy for bringing in the best Iowa Manufacturing Recruits, you need to execute it with precision. With the Manufacturing industry booming, you can’t afford to have critical positions unfilled, and your company’s effectiveness falling. If you need help strategizing your Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting efforts, I’d be happy to help.

Best Iowa manufacturing Recruiter Sarah’s commitment to her deep and effective client and candidate relationships makes her the top choice for bringing excellent opportunities to the forefront in the Iowa Manufacturing market.