Beyond Good Life Insurance Recruiters

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Beyond Good Life Insurance Recruiters

I have a little phrase I use sometimes, though I’m not sure who to attribute it to- “it’s a great day to be great”! This little quip is inspirational, fun, and is something that just rolls off my tongue. So, when I saw the recent Forbes article-  Going Beyond Good to Become Great, I knew I was going to have to share it! My Financial Services Recruiting team is already (in my opinion) great. Especially our Life Insurance Recruiters. They’re really great examples of the suggestions Maynard Webb makes in the article of how to go from “good” to “GREAT!”.

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1. Understand what great looks like.

So, what does a great Life Insurance Recruiter look like? For us, industry expertise, a strong client relationship and broad network of candidates is just the beginning. Our corporate network has thousands of offices across nearly 40 countries, and have a host of resources to help us know what a Great Recruiting firm looks like. More than that- We know what makes a great life insurance recruiting relationship- and that’s what we build every day.

2. Be on a constant quest to improve.

Another little saying I have is “Do more, be better” and it’s a motto that’s permeated the life insurance recruiting team. When we are having strategic meetings to go over our client and candidates services, we are always looking for the next thing that we can do to improve our offerings. What else can we do for client A? Where else might Candidate B be interested in interviewing? Our Life Insurance Recruiting success comes from each team member’s passion for improving themselves, their candidates’ situations, and their Client’s businesses.

Life Insurance Recruiter3. Be very clear about the opportunity and what you are trying to achieve—and don’t let anything get in the way.

Knowing what areas we want to improve, and what areas we can help our clients improve becomes apparent when you look at the numbers. When we look at the number of Life insurance underwriters we’ve placed with our clients over the years, and you’re aware of the big changes that have rocked the Financial Services market lately, it’s readily apparent the big job we have ahead of us to help our candidates and clients be successful. When it comes to determination and perseverance to reach our goals, we on the life underwriting recruiting team don’t let anything get in our way.

4. Inspire others to greatness.

Our Life insurance recruiters have been honored with many awards within the MRI network, but more inspiring than that is the impact we’ve had on the careers and businesses of our candidate and client partners. We measure our success by how satisfied our partners are- so our life insurance recruiters really are working to help you and your team achieve their goals.
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