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21 Mar 2017
MRI Cedar Rapids New Job

How to Answer ‘Why Are You Looking for a New Job?’ in an Interview

A recent U.S. News article – How to Answer ‘Why Are You Looking for a New Job?’ in an Interview – caught our eye, and we wanted to share some of the useful tidbits with you. Below are excerpts of the original article, and some best practice advice from our experts here at MRI are written in bold.

The original article is available Here- How to Answer ‘Why Are You Looking for a New Job?’ in an Interview

There are many challenging interview questions, and “Why are you looking for a new job?” certainly falls into that category. Let’s admit, it’s a pretty frustrating question that can really throw you during an interview. But being prepared will make all the difference.

MRI Cedar Rapids New JobHere at MRI, we pride ourselves on partnering with candidates so they are always prepared for interview questions, including those about their past positions and why they’re looking for a new job. 

Whatever your reasons are, you want to be honest but discrete. You don’t want to slam your current boss or colleagues, or tell your prospective employer that you don’t make enough money. These are all huge turn offs and will get you quickly into the “no (and we never want to see you again)” pile. The most important thing is to keep it positive.

One thing that’s important to us at MRI is that the new jobs that our candidate partners are considered for represent a position and company that they’re really going to be satisfied with in the long term. It does us no good to place someone in a role that is going to be a temporary role or “just a job”. When we place someone with one of our trusted clients, we know that we’ve done all the due diligence possible to make it a long term fit.

New Job MRI Cedar Rapids Recruiter adviceFocus on the job at hand. We’re always told to focus on the present and not dwell on the past. Use that advice in your interview. Let the interviewer know you are not just looking for any old job. If it’s genuine, tell them why you feel this is a good match for the company and for you. Be specific. Beyond assessing whether you’re a good fit for the team or company and if they think you have staying power, they’re not going to want to hear only about your objectives. Your main focus should be on how you fulfill what they’re looking for, and why you think you can add value to the position.

 We know our candidate partners are successful, goal oriented professionals. Helping them achieve their goals, and improving our client partner’s teams is our long term strategy. We want our candidates to be running towards a goal, not away from a threat- keeping their eyes on the prize, not looking over their shoulders at a threat. If you need help crafting answer statements, or preparing for interviews your MRI Recruiting partner is there. We routinely run interview preps before you meet with our clients, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. 
09 Aug 2016
Financial Services Recruiter

Financial Services Recruiting Success part 2

A recent Inc. Article – 7 Ways Successful People Have Better Mindsets – sparked a chain reaction of ideas for our Financial Services Recruiters. If you haven’t seen the first in this series, check out the first blog post-  Here.

The mental attitude with which we approach our Financial Services career has a huge impact on our success- let’s take the last few points from the article written by Lolly Daskal and apply them to our excellent Financial Services Insurance Recruiting team.

Financial Services Recruiter

  • Successful Recruiters don’t leave things to chance
    • We have in-depth Insurance recruitment practices that allow us to protect your time invested in working with us as your Insurance Recruiting partners. We work with candidates to mitigate fall-offs and counter offers up front. Understanding the importance of a well-defined process, and clear, consistent communication, we may ask the same questions of you at different points in a search- “has anything changed since we last talked?”, or “are the parameters of the position still the same as they were when we originally discussed the position?”, we ask questions to make sure that we’re all on the same page, and that we’re serving you as effectively as possible. We don’t assume- we ask!

Life Insurance Underwriting


  • Successful Recruiters don’t let themselves get sidetracked by problems
    • We know how to pivot- When a Life Insurance Underwriting search takes a turn- if what was once a Remote/ work from home position, now needs to be an on-site position- We will work with you to keep the search going. We focus on solutions to make sure our Insurance Recruiting searches work for you, and if we see potential hurdles on the horizon we communicate those to your Financial Services Hiring team so that we can trouble shoot together. By focusing on maintaining our process, and keeping the search moving we keep our eye on problems without letting them de-rail the search.
  • Successful Recruiters are decisive
    • Our team has extensive knowledge of the Life Insurance Underwriting market- as already mentioned- and one of the ways we can use that knowledge to your benefit is to make well informed decisions that allow us to accurately represent Insurance Professionals to you, and make sure we are presenting you with highly accurate fits for your Insurance and Financial Services Positions. Our ability to dig deep for more information, and make smart decisions based on what we find, make us true assets for you in fulfilling needs on your Financial Services team.

Financial services recruiter

  • Successful Recruiters are continuously learning
    • The only way experts stay experts is by staying on top of news and trends- especially when changes in the Financial Services market happen quickly. If one of your competitors is making a change that impacts the Insurance Underwriting market in your area, we hear about it, and can let you know how it may impact your business. Whether it means that you need to double-down and become even more competitive in your compensation packages, or if your work/life balance for Life Insurance Underwriters is exemplary and should be more widely publicized, we’ll share our constant learning in the financial services market place with you, so that you can hire smarter- with us!

Thanks for reading- Stay tuned for our next series, and as always don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you and your team!