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25 Oct 2016
Underwriting Job

Contract Life Insurance Underwriting Growth

Flexible work is not just an option anymore- it’s expected! When our clients are looking for the right fits for their workforce, we often suggest contractors as a good option for their Life Insurance Underwriting team needs. This flexibility in their workforce allows Life Insurance Companies to perform to their clients expectations, and make sure their budgets stay right sized as well. Contract employees enjoy the freedom and autonomy that comes with working on an as-needed basis, and frequently do so from their homes.

contract-life-insurance-underwriterOur experience in placing contract life insurance underwriters is nothing short of impressive, with contract staffing making up a significant portion of our clientele’s preferred service. We began placing Contract Underwriters in 2013, while flexible work was already an option for most, but the updates in technology made it possible for Contract Life Insurance Underwriters to work from home. Three years later, we continue to impress our candidates and clients with the convenience and flexibility of satisfying contract underwriting jobs. While the work quality and productivity of these Remote Life Insurance Underwriters continues to be high, the flexibility of being on contract, as well as working remotely, creates a combination of autonomy and professional development that many independent Life Insurance Underwriters thrive with.

Contract Underwriting jobs

These contract underwriting jobs aren’t limited to entry level positions either. High level contractors that have retired from full time work, and are looking for augmentation of their retirement funds often become contractors with our clients, who are happy to take advantage of their significant experience and expertise. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you utilize this continuously desired, and growing portion of the workforce, feel free to reach out. Contract Underwriting Jobs aren’t going away, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Life Underwriter Recruiter

Wade Morris began his career with MRI Cedar Rapids in 2012, and gained his CSAM Designation in 2015.

21 Jun 2016
Insurance Life Wholesale

Tired of recruiting process hassels?

Recruiting can be a painful, drawn out process. What HR Executive or Working Manager has time to devote to finding and screening active candidates for weeks at a time to just to unearth a few good fits, that may end up not even completing the process? Chris Meyer works exclusively in Financial Services Recruiting, focusing in placing Life Insurance Underwriters, Actuaries, and Life Insurance Medical Directors. Being such an expert in his niche, Chris has been able to address several of the recruiting process issues his clients in financial services have faced.

Financial Services Recruiter
Chris Meyer Life Insurance Recruiter

Have you ever worked with a recruiting firm that sent you Property and Casualty Underwriters for a Life Underwriting position? Have you received candidates that don’t even match your position, or only received active candidates? My clients come to me when they’re looking for expertise in placing high-urgency positions, and they want an Insurance Recruiting partner, not just a fly-by-night recruiter who will throw resumes your way and then disappear. Here are just a few of the examples of the troubles my clients have had with other recruiting processes.

Life Insurance Underwriter Recruiting
So many resumes, so few qualified candidates
  • Candidate backgrounds do not match- There are tons of candidates coming in….but none of them have done the job

When you have an insurance hiring need, I get you the right fit. I’m dedicated to getting life insurance candidates to you that are fully qualified, match the position requirements, and that I’ve vetted for all the factors that could break a deal (relocation, compensation, and certifications to name a few). The Life Underwriters I send your way represent me, so I take my insurance candidate submissions to you seriously. I won’t send you anyone that’s not a legitimate potential fit for your life underwriting team.

Insurance Life Wholesale
What happened to my recruiter?
  • Tired of Recruiters disappearing- They said they’d help you…. so where did they go?

When you’ve invested the time with me (and believe me, you will invest some time) to go over your hiring process expectations, candidate needs, and your company culture- it’s my obligation to stick with you through the entire hiring process, as well as afterward. We routinely follow up with you through the process, continuing to communicate our activity so you know what’s happening. After a placement we’ll continue to follow up, making sure that everything’s still great with your new hire, as well as being available for any new searches you or your colleagues may need help with. I’m serious about being your financial service recruiting partner for the long haul- I’ve had clients hire a candidate of mine as a contractor, then move that person to a permanent position, and allowed me to help by back-filling the contract position again. We’ve also partnered with financial service organizations to build out teams of 10+ insurance underwriting professionals. I’m with you for the long haul, to be your financial services recruitment partner.

Financial Services Recruiter
After all that?
  • Go through the process and have it not come together in the end

If you’ve ever gotten to an offer stage with a candidate that then decided to accept another offer instead (or worse accept the position and then not fulfill their commitment) you know the frustration of all the wasted time and effort that went in to the process. Once we get to the part of an insurance search where you’re ready to offer my candidate a position I will have already knocked down the majority of the hurdles to my candidate accepting a role on your financial services team. I will keep you appraised of any other interview processes my candidates are in, I’ll keep the candidate engaged and communicative between interviews so they don’t give up on you, and finally, before an offer ever goes out I talk through the potential for a counteroffer and find out if there is any reason why my candidate wouldn’t accept your financial services position. I make sure that any offer you send to my candidate will be accepted.


By communicating consistently with you, and my candidates throughout the process I ensure a smooth hiring process for you, and make your recruitment process frustrations a thing of the past.


Life Insurance Underwriting RecruitmentChris Meyer Life Insurance Recruiter


Chris Meyer joined MRI Cedar Rapids in 2013, and has become an invaluable asset to the Underwriting and Actuarial clients of our nationally recognized financial services team. Chris’ previous financial services experience gives him first-hand knowledge of industry trends and allows him to vet top-tier talent for our discerning clientele. His focus is on developing relationships with the most sought-after professionals in the industry, and helping them take the next step in their career. Simply put, Chris genuinely cares and has an unyielding desire to help clients and candidates alike achieve their goals.

10 May 2016

Iowa Women Lead Change: Janice Kaplan

I was grateful to have the opportunity to attend the Iowa Women Lead Change Conference April 26th. Lots of great speakers, networking with other professionals, and interesting vendors were all part of the deal, and I wanted to take a post or two to share my take-aways with you.

The first speaker- Janice Kaplan was very engaging and informal- she shared about how one year of being consciously grateful for even small things in her life made a huge difference for her personally and professionally. She talked about how re-framing terrible, uncomfortable, or every-day situations in the lens of gratitude made it possible for us to see solutions, and move forward.

Janice KaplanA New-Yorker, with plenty of experience dealing with harsh winters, she told a story about how during her ‘year of gratitude’ she was shuffling down a particularly snowy sidewalk. There was a man shoveling- focused on his task, and he unknowingly threw a shovel-full of snow in her face! Janice, of course reacted to the unpleasant projectile- yelling at the man and continuing briskly on her way. About 15 feet along the sidewalk she was kicking herself- “I can’t do that- I can’t yell at this guy- How can I practice gratitude here?” For a moment she thought, and realized, “I’m grateful he’s shoveling, and I’m not, and tomorrow, I’ll be able to walk down the nice clean sidewalk”. Janice literally turned around, walked back and thanked the man for shoveling. She’s pretty sure he thought she was crazy, but re-framing the situation with gratitude changed HER attitude, and her experience for the rest of the day.

Showing gratitude for her family and friends has opened new doors in their relationships, and business leaders can learn to use gratitude to impact their company’s performance. Thank-yous don’t cost a dime, but they can have a huge impact on employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. Utilizing gratitude in a professional setting, you can deeply change the dynamic of a team, and get the best work out of high performing teams.

She shared how she knows she’s had an amazing life- and hopes that throughout her professional life (walking the red carpet, and interviewing Daniel Craig for example) she’s been able to truly be grateful for the experiences she’s had, even though her year of gratitude came after many years of success and amazing experiences to be grateful for. Janice talked about how it’s scientifically verified that gratitude will restructure our neural pathways to increase our metal positivity, which has significant impacts on our physical and mental health. Her candor and passion for improving, not only her personal life, but sharing her strategies for increased success to help others experience similar “grateful moments” was really engaging. I heard several people commenting about their gratitude (that they changed the signage on one of the Men’s rooms to be a Women’s room for the duration of the IWLC), and the positivity of Janice’s message was felt throughout the conference, and for me- is continuing beyond the conference.

I got Janice’s book- The Gratitude Diaries  and I look forward to reading it and getting more insights to share with you.

Thanks for reading!

Laura Bryant

Post by Laura Bryant: Senior Internet Researcher