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11 Apr 2017
Best Iowa manufacturing Recruiter

Iowa Manufacturing Employment Growth

The Iowa Manufacturing Employment market has experienced significant growth recently, especially in the ethanol and alternative fuel market. As we continue to improve our use of alternative energy sources, Iowa Manufacturers are providing excellent support. With the growth of ethanol use, more manufacturing facilities are opening and more skilled manufacturing workers are needed to staff these forward thinking plants.Iowa Manufacturing Employment2

A few examples of the types of ethanol work that our Iowa manufacturing companies focus on include Technicians, Production Supervisors, Quality Analysts, Chemical Engineers and Project Engineers. Quite a few of our clients have expressed interest in wet process engineering experts to help them in their high tech ethanol plants. As competition for highly skilled workers continues to tighten, many Iowa Manufacturing companies turn to specialists to help them fulfill their urgent hiring needs. With unemployment staying at the lowest level in decades, this competition for manufacturing talent shows no signs of slowing.

Iowa Manufacturing Employement3When our clients are looking for someone with such a specific skill set, our responsibility to them to provide high quality candidates becomes even more distinct. We are not just looking for manufacturing professionals with the necessary wet-corn-milling specific experience, we are looking to add significant leadership to the talent pipelines of the organizations that have entrusted us with their search processes.

Iowa Manufacturing employment 1

Of course, this is by no means an in depth look at the Iowa Manufacturing Employment market. Our clients represent a healthy percentage of ethanol and green energy producers as well as industrial parts, chemical processing and agricultural manufacturers. If you’d like more information about our involvement in the  Iowa Manufacturing Employment market, feel free to reach out.

Best Iowa manufacturing Recruiter
Sarah Hermanson Serves the Midwest as the Manufacturing Practice Director of MRI CR. Sarah’s commitment to her deep and effective client and candidate relationships makes her the top choice for bringing excellent opportunities to the manufacturing market.

04 Apr 2017

Nashville Construction is Booming

Demand for hiring in the Nashville Construction market is going through the roof, and our Construction Recruiting team has responded. We are currently serving the Nashville, Tennessee construction market by bringing our expertise and diligence to the geographies we are needed. What started as one client asking us to help them start a new office, has quickly grown to us serving the entire Nashville Construction market.

Nashville Construction 1This boom in Nashville Construction Hiring hasn’t just been noticed by our firm, but by anyone paying attention to the Nashville Construction market. From hospitality and healthcare construction to retail and entertainment, all types of construction are flourishing in Nashville.

Our experienced construction recruiting team is prepped and ready to help you hire in the Nashville Construction market. With our expertise, growing geographic footprint, and continuing commitment to hiring excellence, we offer the General Contractors of Nashville unparalleled recruiting service.

Nashville Construction 2If you are looking to grow your team, and are buried under an enormous project load, we can help with the heavy lifting. Our recruiting team has been focused on Construction for over a decade, and specializing in commercial construction allows us to be your experts. No more having to sift through resumes of applicants that don’t have design-build experience. No more posting and praying that the right person will see your ad. At Management Recruiters of Cedar Rapids, we understand construction recruiting inside and out, and want to share our expertise with you. MRI Cedar Rapids offers Retained or Contingent Construction Recruiting options, as well as industry insight reports, and customized employment data.

Nashville Construction 3If you need help building your construction team in Nashville, or want some more information on construction hiring best practices, I’m happy to help.

Wade Morris is a cornerstone for growth on our construction team. He came to Management Recruiters of Cedar Rapids in 2012 with experience in Marketing and Customer Relationship Management across multiple industries. His competitiveness and passion for the construction industry drive him to find the best Commercial Construction candidates for his clients. Wade’s clients appreciate his market intelligence and competitive insight.

14 Mar 2017
Best Insurance Recruiting Team

Life insurance underwriting recruiter

If you’ve ridden the roller coaster that is the Life insurance market over the past few years, you know it’s been a crazy ride. And while the life insurance market has slowed down considerably from 8 months ago, our Life insurance underwriting recruiter team is still actively serving the market. We are currently serving the life insurance market nationally and have several clients that are steadily expanding their life insurance underwriting teams. With the excitement of the industry continuing, our perseverance and dedication to serving our clients with the top talent in the industry has never wavered.

Life Insurance 1Our efforts on behalf of our life insurance clients include sourcing, screening, qualifying and performing background checks on all candidates. This process is just the beginning for us, as we continue to vet potential candidates for our clients throughout the process. We really get to know our life insurance underwriting candidates, their desires, professional aspirations, and goals so that we can ensure a great long-term fit, not just someone to fill the desk until something better comes along.

Life insuranceThe commitment and diligence we commit to when working a search for our life insurance clients isn’t something we take lightly. Even in a tougher market, we commit to bringing you the top talent that your team needs to be successful in the constantly changing landscape. We are recruiting in the financial services market every day, across the entire united states, and we are happy to share our industry insights with you and your hiring team, so you can make the best decisions possible for your team.

life insurance

Our commitment to providing you the best possible recruiting advice and partnership doesn’t depend on a steady market or easy progress. We are just as committed to providing you the best service- especially when times get harder.

If we here at MRI Cedar Rapids can help you in any way, with industry insight, performing a search, or helping you quietly explore opportunities, feel free to reach out.

Best Insurance Recruiting Team

Bobby Brown perseveres on the Financial Service team, focusing on placing talented Insurance professionals with our clients across the US.

07 Mar 2017
Fort Worth Construction Recruiter trustworthy

Six Tips for Attracting Millennial Workers to the Construction Industry

As a trusted partner recruiting in the construction market I wanted to share a Construction Executive article I wrote about attracting and retaining Millennials within our space.

Construction Article Hiring Recruiting MillennialThe construction industry is facing a serious challenge. Its workforce is aging faster than any other industry in the country, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and construction companies nationwide are looking to fill multiple positions. Companies are desperate for new talent because employees who have been with them the longest are transitioning out, and there is not an adequate pipeline of new candidates to take their place.

The BLS numbers tell the story. In 2002, 11 percent of construction workers were 55 and older, which increased to 20.7 percent by 2015, according to the Current Populations Survey. In 2005, 10.7 percent of workers were between 20 and 24, but that number declined to 7.3 percent in 2015. In July 2016, there were 214,000 construction job openings, according to the BLS, and the industry is projected to add 790,400 jobs by 2024.

These trends suggest that approximately 20 percent of all construction workers will retire during the next 10 years, and a total of 12 percent will be leaving the industry within the next five years. There’s one group that industry leaders are hoping will turn this situation around—the millennials.



New data from the 2017 MRINetwork Millennial Hiring Trends Study, however, indicates that misconceptions about what is important to millennials and a lack of urgency are preventing many employers from gaining traction with this younger generation. Despite these shortcomings, the study also reveals that recruiters expect companies to take a more strategic approach to attracting and holding on to top millennial talent in 2017. This requires them to gain a clear understanding of the factors that motivate millennials and foster their loyalty. So what can business owners do to ensure that they attract and retain this vital component of today’s work force?


According to the MRINetwork Study, millennials selected compensation and benefits most often (28 percent) as their top priority when considering a new job. Since the last economic downturn, young workers have not sought jobs in construction, and although construction in many sectors is back to pre-recession levels, the skilled workers are not. To attract and hire the millennial job-seeker, business owners must be ready to offer the kind of compensation that they can attract in other industries, which are also competing for them.

Similarly, to other generations of workers, millennials want meaningful work and a supportive company culture, but they are primarily looking for well-paying jobs and career advancement. Beginning with a well-defined incentive compensation system, business owners can effectively combine clear direction, quality feedback and tangible rewards to develop employees who are engaged and satisfied with their jobs.


Millennials want to feel their work matters and their employers appreciate them. Give employees the opportunity to come up with innovative solutions on the job, and call attention to their success. This generation also values community and philanthropic initiatives, so weaving in participation in charitable programs can also be a big draw.

Another effective strategy is pairing millennial workers with more experienced workers who not only want to be mentors, but also want to learn new skills themselves, such as social media or construction apps.  Finding a good mentor is important because, for many millennials, if they cannot connect with their direct supervisor in a meaningful way, they will be open to moving on even if they like the company as a whole.


In terms of what has the most impact on the decision to stay with an employer, the MRINetwork Study indicates that for more than half of millennials (53 percent) it is career pathing—mapping of incremental progression to new roles in the company. With young, ambitious millennials wanting to learn and move up quickly through an organization, companies must develop and implement focused solutions around career pathing. By allowing the employee to outline their career goals and set achievable milestones that are mapped to those goals from day one, employers can contribute to their development and demonstrate to them how they can advance and progress in their careers, making it more likely they remain with the company long term.

As part of their career development plan, Millennials like gaining new skill sets, and diversifying their existing skill sets. In the construction industry, they want to be exposed to office and field work, in addition to different kinds of projects so they can determine what aspects of the industry they like best.  Long term, it’s important for them to see the whole picture.

Larger construction firms in particular often struggle with providing the career pathing that millennials look for because they are too regimented to allow upward career movement in a timely way. Companies have to review their processes and make alterations if necessary to demonstrate a proven track record in allowing people to advance.

Career pathing also helps to attract candidates to the company. It is an effective branding tool when used in marketing materials about your company and particularly in the interview process. When you are able to share real examples with candidates about how motivated employees advance in the company, the organization then becomes synonymous with the ability to advance careers, providing a competitive advantage that acts as a powerful draw for millennials.


In the MRINetwork Study, 40 percent of millennials said market reputation has the most influence on their impression of a company. Yet nearly half of the recruiters who were polled (48 percent) indicated that most of their clients have not developed an employer brand that is attractive to millennials. This disconnect demonstrates that employers still have a ways to go in terms of understanding how to appeal to millennials, and once they are onboard, how to leverage retention strategies that will keep them engaged and more likely to stay.

Savvy millennials look at more than online efforts to establish reputation and brand recognition. They consider the overall positioning of a prospective company in terms of how well the brand is known and respected, how it stacks up to its competitors, and its future growth trajectory. This means that companies need to distribute positive messaging about the company that focuses on competitive pay, market footing and reputation, and career pathing. Although the entire strategy shouldn’t be based on the organization’s online presence, it will need to be a key part of branding, since millennials are more likely to leverage a host of platforms like Twitter and Glassdoor to form their impressions.


 Some progressive construction companies are using people analytics and internal employee benchmarking systems that link employee performance data to overall company performance. Providing these measures not only fosters healthy internal competition, but also aligns employees with the strategic goals of the company. By coupling these strategies, companies can effectively improve the best employees and provide specialized training to allow continued employee advancement—a key ingredient for engaging millennials.


 A defined company vision is especially important to millennials kicking off their careers. By communicating the big picture, business owners can connect your vision to employees. This gives employees a clear sense of purpose and an understanding of how their efforts fit in the larger plan. When the company’s vision is inspiring and clearly communicated, millennials are more motivated to remain with your company than they are if they don’t understand or relate to the company’s vision and direction.

Jobs in construction are growing, as is the number of new entrants to the workforce. Companies can narrow the gap by adapting new approaches for attracting millennials. Like anything that is built, planning and preparation are key—building a pipeline of talent is no different. By focusing on the millennial segment of the talent pool, firms won’t just survive the labor shortage—they will thrive in the changing business environment.

Fort Worth Construction Recruiter trustworthyTyler Craig serves as Construction Account Executive for top construction companies throughout the Midwest.

28 Feb 2017
Nashville Tennessee commercial construction

The Best Construction Jobs in 2017

The construction market has been heating up, and with 2017 in full swing, it’s time for us to outline the best construction jobs for you this year. Our clients are mostly commercial general contractors, and with increases in retail and business sector construction, there’s no better time to learn more about the best construction jobs in your area.

Best Construction Jobs

Our Construction recruiting team is growing, and there’s no better time for you to learn about the Best Construction Jobs for you. Our clients range from Dallas to Nashville, and from Minneapolis to Houston, so whether you’re looking for a smaller company that’s just starting to dig deep into their market, or a large, established General Contractor that’s already dominating it’s geography, we have the expertise to suggest the Best Construction Jobs for you.

Best construction JobsIt’s not just the location and size of construction company that makes a difference though. The ideology, benefits, mission and type of construction are necessary to consider when you’re making a company change as well. What are the vision, mission, and values of the potential employers you’re considering? What will you bring to the team, and how will the change of employer impact your family?

If you are considering a new position, or are evaluating competing companies in your area, I’d be happy to serve as your resource for information on the best construction jobs. I can share compensation and benefits information that can make your job search more competitive, as well as offering access to some of the best construction companies to work for throughout the Midwest.

Best Construction jobsIf you, or someone you know could use a hand in making the right decision in regards to their growing construction career, feel free to reach out.

Twin cities commercial construction Nate has been with MRI since 2013, and focuses on recruiting construction professionals throughout the Midwest.


21 Feb 2017
Best Iowa manufacturing Recruiter

Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting Boom

With private payrolls on the rise in the US, and Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting ramping up in 2017, we here at MRI wanted to take a minute and outline some of our Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting take-aways.

Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting 1

If you’re adding to the team you’re not alone! The boom in Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting has been seen making a wave across the Midwest, with everything from the upcoming manufacturing and logistics hiring event in Chicago, to overall increases in the number of postings for manufacturing positions across the state. This overall upward shift is exciting, and in some cases, poses a challenge. With everyone hiring, and the overall unemployment in the state less than 4%, bringing the best and the brightest onto your team, instead of your competitors’ team is a challenge you must meet if you’re going to stay ahead.

If your Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting efforts are going to successful, you need to know how to stay on top in this type of market. How are you going to determine your Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting strategy? With multiple companies competing for top talent, how will you make sure that you’re getting the cream of the crop? Working backwards from the result that you want- hiring the best of the best- all the way through the strategy you to need to achieve those results, may help you decide your best strategy.

Being aware that it is a competitive market isn’t enough. You need to know specifically what’s happening with your competitors. Your Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting efforts will need to focus on strategically focusing on the resources that matter to the highest caliber of candidate. It’s not just about pay- the work schedule, the team, your company culture, and the fringe benefits you offer all make a difference in the ease of your recruiting efforts. What do you have that your competitors don’t? Why would working for you be better than your competitor?

After you’ve determined your competitive advantage and your strategy for bringing in the best Iowa Manufacturing Recruits, you need to execute it with precision. With the Manufacturing industry booming, you can’t afford to have critical positions unfilled, and your company’s effectiveness falling. If you need help strategizing your Iowa Manufacturing Recruiting efforts, I’d be happy to help.

Best Iowa manufacturing Recruiter

Sarah’s commitment to her deep and effective client and candidate relationships makes her the top choice for bringing excellent opportunities to the forefront in the Iowa Manufacturing market.


14 Feb 2017
Chicago Construction Commercial, Multifamily, healthcare

Illinois Construction Recruiter- Illinois Economy is on the rise

2017 is ramping up, and serving as your Illinois Construction Recruiter, I’ve been able to watch as the industry wakes from its winter slumber. A lot is starting to happen with this new year, and a recent article pointed to even greater growth throughout 2017. The article, entitled  US Factory, Private Payroll data  point to firming economy, acknowledges the dip that construction spending had in late 2016, and shares that chief economists predict great economic rises in 2017.

Illinois Construction RecruiterWith the economy as a whole on the upswing, the trend for  Illinois construction recruiting is also rising, and I will be available to keep you in the loop with changes every step of the way. I take my role as your Illinois Construction recruiter very seriously, having nearly 2 decades of construction related experience. From the Project managers and superintendents that oversee your Illinois construction projects, to the high level executives that make the strategic plan for your company, having the right people in place to handle the ebb and flow of business is part of my responsibility as your Illinois construction recruiter. If you trust me as your hiring partner to build your team, we will work together to make sure you have the best team to fully take advantage of the upcoming construction boom.

IL Construction Recruiter

Our partnership in Illinois construction recruiting means that not only will I offer you the best candidates for the open positions on your team, but I can also offer you considerable industry insight across geographies and construction disciplines. The news and trends that I come across are yours for the hearing, as well as compensation and competitive hiring information for the Illinois Construction recruiting market specifically. I’ve been serving the Illinois Construction market for over a decade, and I’m glad I can continue to be a resource to you and help your company grow.

Chicago Construction Commercial, Multifamily, healthcare

Serving as a trusted Illinois Construction Recruiter, Jim excels in listening to his clients’ needs and bringing value in ways such as market intelligence, competition surveys, project leads, retention planning, and forecasting.

31 Jan 2017
Fort Worth Construction Recruiter trustworthy

Dallas Construction Recruiter Association of Builders & Contractors

Serving as your Dallas Construction Recruiter, part of my job is to keep you up to date on the local happenings in the Dallas Construction Recruiting market. I’m happy to let you know about great local resources for your Dallas Construction business.

Dallas Construction RecruiterOne great resource, that you may already know is the Associated Builders & Contractors Central Texas chapter. Helping the Dallas construction market for over 40 years, ABC Central Texas offers professional development and networking for Dallas construction professionals. The types of training and events they offer range from legislative updates and opportunities to rub elbows with the legislators that impact Dallas Construction law, to in depth training on everything construction, from blueprints to OSHA standards. As your Dallas Construction Recruiter, I’m glad to know you have access to such a relevant and beneficial professional society. With all of the good that ABC Central Texas is doing, it’s a great way to develop professionally and become an even greater resource for your company.

One thing that ABC of Dallas doesn’t offer is competitive compensation analysis of different positions. I know the Dallas Construction Recruiting market inside and out, and if you have questions about recruiting, retaining and rewarding your Construction employees effectively, I’d be happy to share my insight. For example, knowing how hard it is to attract and retain the best Superintendents right now, having the right compensation structure can make or break your search. By allowing me to serve as you Dallas Construction Recruiting partner, I can offer the insight to help you make your opportunities stand out and help you make the best hire.

Dallas Construction recruiterI’m proud to serve your company as your Dallas Construction Recruiter, and knowing the ins and outs of the Dallas Construction market is just one of my responsibilities. Keeping up to date with industry standards, knowing what your competition in the Dallas Construction market is doing, and making sure you keep your skills sharp is necessary to stay at the top of the Dallas Construction market.

If you’d like me to help grow your team, as your Dallas Construction Recruiter, feel free to reach out.

Fort Worth Construction Recruiter trustworthy

Tyler Craig serves Commercial Construction Clients throughout the Midwest, with special focus in Texas. To contact Tyler for assistance with your recruiting needs contact: 319-286-4720 or  [email protected]


24 Jan 2017
Best Iowa manufacturing Recruiter

Cedar Rapids Succession Planning- Corridor Strategic Hiring

Succession Planning in the Corridor.

It’s never too early in the year to be looking towards the future, and strong succession planning is a big part of preparing for our organizational future. With successful long term careers behind many Cedar Rapids professionals, thinking about who will fill their shoes is a natural next step for great leaders. It’s not always easy to think about moving on, whether it’s a retirement, or developing into a new role as your company grows. But, if you want your company to be successful long term, it’s necessary to think about succession planning, and find that perfect someone to take over your role. We here at MRI Cedar Rapids are all about building long term success, and we’d be happy to help you ensure the long term success of your company even after your role with them changes.

Succession Planning Recruiting

What’s happening right now?

Right now, I have a wonderful Cedar Rapids client that is proactively hiring to fulfill their succession plan. This active and inspiring not for profit organization, has asked our local market team to help them hire the best. We are not just   assisting them fulfill their current need – we are bringing on the talent they will groom into an executive level leader in the years to come. I feel honored to be trusted with such an important, and far reaching search, as this organization truly looks to impact not just their own success, but the health and well-being of our community and environment. Currently my client and I are working together to identify and engage qualified candidates that will grow into executive roles with my client’s company for years to come.

Recruiting Succession Plan
Succession planning for success.

When you recognize how far your organization has come, you’ll want to be sure that the right person is there to accept the torch when it’s time for you to pass it on. MRI Cedar Rapids is here to help you find just the right fit for your team, and your organizations team of the future. What type of person will your team need after you’ve retired? If you don’t have the right fit to promote from within your company, how will you decide on an outsider to bring in to fill your shoes? Taking plenty of time to plan, and objectively discussing the needs of the team, including those anticipated needs of the future are indefensible for making a seamless succession plan.

Cedar Rapids Recruiter Succession Planning

If I can help you plan how you’ll pass the torch within your company, feel free to reach out!

Best Iowa Recruiter

With a 20 year history of recruiting in the Cedar Rapids Corridor, Sarah Hermanson serves as the Iowa Business Practice Director of MRI Cedar Rapids
17 Jan 2017

Healthcare Construction Growth in Chicago

As Healthcare Construction continues to boom across the country, the greater Chicago area is no different. As new medical facilities are needed, the construction general contractors that serve the healthcare industry continue to be in high demand. I currently have a well respected healthcare construction client that is experiencing this demand, and is expanding their team. Check out the video at the bottom of this post for more information on the position.


Healthcare Construction Project Manager

Why is healthcare construction growing so much? The necessary expansions in healthcare construction can be seen as coming from two main sources. The first reason healthcare construction is in growth mode now, is that continued improvements in scientific advances necessitate higher quality facilities.  Hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices are continuously upgrading facilities to give patients the best possible care, and often they must even rebuild of healthcare facilities. As expectations for better and better health practices become standard, the demand for highly experienced construction professionals to build these state of the art facilities continues to expand as well.

Healthcare construction Chicago


The second reason for the increased need for healthcare construction professionals, is the push for more senior living facilities. As the baby boomers of our nation continue to age, we need more places for them to live and be cared for. The medical requirements for this type of facility demands experienced healthcare construction professionals to build them, and the best places to live are built by the best builders.

With the growing need for top notch healthcare facilities, our construction recruiting team has their work cut out for them. If you want to join the best construction companies that are trusted to build state of the art healthcare facilities, our recruiting team can help. The types of construction vary, but with our strong experience in the Midwest construction market, we are sure to find your fit. If you are interested in learning more about the healthcare construction project manager opportunity with our client, click the video below.

Jim Lappin: Construction Recruiting Practice Director 319-286-4726  [email protected]

Jim has been with MRI since 2006, consistently exceeding his clients’ expectations in the construction industry.