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03 Jan 2017

Iowa Construction Recruiter and Companies that did it right in 2016

A recent article by  caught our attention, and we just had to share it.  The article is called Doing Well by Doing Good: 12 Companies that Got it Right in 2016. We are proud to serve as the Iowa Construction Recruiter for great construction companies that treat their employees well. We can help you apply the tactics used by the companies that got it right in 2016, and make sure you treat your Iowa Construction employees right in 2017.

Iowa Construction Recruiter2016 was a roller coaster of a year for the construction industry, and we’ve been proud to serve as your construction recruiter in Iowa. The companies that treat their employees right are more likely to weather ups and downs of the industry. With us as your Iowa Construction Recruiter, we can help you stay in the know on what the best trends are for attracting and retaining your best hires.

Recruiter Iowa Construction

As always, quality training, good benefits and strong professional development plans are necessary for attracting and keeping your top talent in 2017 and beyond. Helping you to evaluate your current compensation plan is a service that not many of our competitors offer, but that we find pretty useful for our clients. Since we are in the market day in and day out, it’s easy for us to share competitive compensation and benefits information with you, so you know that you’re offering the best possible plans to keep the best people.

If you’d like help with evaluating your plan to attract and retain the best construction professionals in Iowa, I’d be happy to help.

iowa commercial construction

Nate Nolte has served Midwest construction clients since 2013, focusing specifically in Iowa. Nate’s clients appreciate his market intelligence and competitive insight.

29 Nov 2016
Best Insurance Recruiting Team

Life Insurance Underwriting Management- Change in the Market

If you’re in the Life Insurance Underwriting space, you know about the shifts that have rocked the market recently. With organizational changes, including buyouts, closures and layoffs flooding the market with talent, the job of Life Underwriting Managers is changing quickly, and you need to stay on top of it. With our long term experience supporting Life Underwriting Management teams to hire the highest quality talent, these market shifts are nothing new. Our commitment to assist your underwriting management team to continue to make the best business decisions doesn’t falter with the ups and downs of the hiring market.

Life Underwriting Management JobsDo you want to know what’s changing in compensation around the life insurance underwriting market? Do you need advice on how to make sure that you’re taking the best possible advantage of the hiring opportunities here in this candidate rich life underwriting environment? As your life insurance underwriting management hiring partner, we here at MRI Cedar Rapids pride ourselves in being able to accurately relay information about the ever-changing market to our Insurance Management hiring partners.

Underwriting Manager Jobs

The best life insurance underwriting managers don’t want to be behind the times and let their teams suffer because of it. Looking to the future, and keeping yourself informed is your responsibility as an insurance manager. We at MRI Cedar Rapids Financial Services Recruiting team are here to help you by sharing marketing insights that will help you make sure you’re offering competitive wages, benefits packages, and keeping on top of employment trends throughout the insurance market.

Life Insurance Management Jobs

Our expertise in the Life Insurance hiring market comes through our immersion in it day in and day out. Whether your company is hiring like crazy right now, slowly building a long term succession plan, or re-evaluating your Life Insurance department, MRI Cedar Rapids can help you make the most out of the ups and downs across the financial services  market.

Best Insurance Recruiting Team

Bobby Brown began his career with Management Recruiters Cedar Rapids in 2015. His perseverance and dedication led him to find his place on the Financial Service team, focusing on placing talented Insurance Underwriting professionals with our clients across the US. Bobby has learned the ins and outs of the industry, making him a valuable asset to the team.

22 Nov 2016
Nashville Tennessee commercial construction

Gratitude for being your Twin Cities Construction Recruiter

It’s that time of year again, when we give thanks for all that we have, and I’d like to take a moment to thank you for allowing me to serve as your Twin Cities Construction Recruiter.

Twin Cities Construction Recruiting is BoomingI started with MRI Cedar Rapids over 3 years ago, and since that time I’ve had the honor to serve hundreds of clients in the Twin Cities area and across the Midwest. I’m grateful that I have a chance to get to know all of you, and make an impact in your business. For my candidate partners, I’m proud to serve you and help positively impact your careers. Thank you for your trust, candor and letting me into your life as your recruiting partner in the Midwest.

I’m also grateful to have the chance to learn so much about your businesses and share solutions, not just for your employment needs, but to get to know your concerns, goals, and aspirations. I’m happy to know the impact I’m making is not just in your professional lives but also your family, friends and the communities my clients work to build. Getting to know what’s most important to you helps me offer you the best solutions. As your Twin Cities construction recruiting partner, I’m proud to offer you all the insight I have into the Minneapolis St. Paul employment market, as well as best practices from across the Midwest construction market.

Minneapolis St Paul Construction recruiterNate Nolte is a cornerstone for growth on our construction team. He came to Management Recruiters of Cedar Rapids in 2013 with experience in Marketing and Customer Relationship Management across multiple industries.

Twin cities commercial construction

I would recommend Nate Nolte to future clients. He listened carefully to our needs and requirements of the position we were seeking to fill. He was proactive in finding candidates that fit our culture and the position. His follow-up after phone interviews and in-person interviews with candidates was prompt, and I appreciated that he was up front and honest when it came to responding to questions or doubts I had about candidates he presented. He was friendly and polite and a very good recruiting partner.

15 Nov 2016
Best Iowa manufacturing Recruiter

Cedar Rapids Recruiting Update

As the Cedar Rapids Corridor and Iowa business economy continues to flourish with growing organizations which need top talent, MRI Cedar Rapids responds by hiring Sarah Hermanson, a highly experienced recruiter with deep roots in Cedar Rapids, to serve Iowa clientele.

Cedar Rapids Business Growth RecruitingSarah began her career with MRI in 1996 and during her 14-year tenure, her very successful recruiting practice expanded to include training and leadership coaching.  She then joined one of the corridor’s fastest growing companies, Clickstop, Transamerica, and the highly influential GO Cedar Rapids organizations.

Best Cedar Rapids Recruiter“We are excited for Sarah to rejoin MRI in our Iowa Division. She brings 20 years of experience, relationships and market insight to our team. I know her expertise will be of value to our local clients and candidates alike.”   Management Recruiters of Cedar Rapids President, Michael Brown


Sarah’s commitment to her deep and effective client and candidate relationships makes her the top choice for bringing excellent opportunities to the forefront in the corridor. Sarah will assist Iowa businesses to hire leadership, sales, marketing, accounting, project management and operations professionals.  Her passion for helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives, build high-performing teams and hire talent who can succeed not only in their professional role, but also position the entire company for future growth.  Maximizing her long-standing Iowa relationships, Sarah focuses on finding the best fit, not just for the job, but for the company’s culture.

Best Iowa Recruiter

With a 20 year history of recruiting in the Cedar Rapids Corridor, Sarah returned as the Iowa Business Practice Director of MRI Cedar Rapids in October of 2016. Sarah’s commitment to her deep and effective relationships makes her the top recruiting partner for excellent opportunities in Iowa.

01 Nov 2016
Commercial Construction Recruiter Chicago

Sound Judgement and the Best Construction Recruiters

A recent Forbes Article outlines 5 ways that we can practice making sound judgments, and our recruiting team has built their successful network by making sound judgments week in and week out for their client and candidate partners. While the negative connotation with the word judgment may be justified, the accurate judgement of situations is necessary to making sound business decisions. While the experience of over 10 years working in construction recruiting has given us a great industry knowledge base to help us make sound judgments for your recruitment process, taking the time to continuously improve in this, and all areas, is important to us.

Best Construction Recruiter

While the exact verbiage of the article may not be what I would have chosen, (the phrase “air of wonder” isn’t how I’d describe our exploratory conversations with candidates or clients) the sentiments in Maynard Webb’s article were accurate. In order to make sound judgments, we need to make sure we have all of the information in order to make the best possible choices. For our construction recruiting team to be able to make the best possible judgments, we ask difficult questions to get all the facts- Why is this position open? What will happen if this position doesn’t get filled? What else have you tried to fill the position on your own? What are the biggest challenges you’re finding when trying to fill this role? Are there bottlenecks in your process that we can help alleviate? The best construction recruiters don’t settle for half answers, we really want to know where the pain is so that we can help resolve it. If a role not being filled will cause you to lose business, the best construction recruiting partner for you will help you make the hard calls and ensure the best construction hire.

The Best Construction Recruiter

In some cases our discovery conversations unearth information that indicates we may not be able to help, or that our clients and candidates may not need our services yet. In other cases, as the article mentioned, the decision may not be ours to make. For example, if a candidate seems to be an excellent fit, and they are interested in the position, we provide the profile and background information of the candidate to the client and the client then makes the appropriate judgment of whether or not they’d like to move forward with the candidate. In most cases we know our clients well enough to make judgments on their behalf, but the partnership relationships we have with our clients enable us to be the best construction recruiter partners possible. Even when it’s a difficult search, we share all of the information and pool our expertise to make the best construction hire possible for our clients.

Best Construction Recruiting practices

When our expertise and network come together with accurate client and candidate information, we can work together to make great judgments and build excellent teams for our commercial construction partners.

Commercial Construction Recruiter Chicago

Jim has been with MRI since 2006, consistently exceeding his clients’ expectations in the construction industry. As leader of the construction recruiting team, Jim shares his extensive knowledge and propels his team to success.

18 Oct 2016
Fort Worth Construction Recruiter trustworthy

Commercial Construction Recruiting Insight

Not all recruiters have industry specific insight to share with their clients and candidates, but our commercial construction recruiting team does. Whether it’s a slowdown in some areas of retail construction because Wal Mart is now focusing on online grocery instead of building new stores, or a surge in commercial construction in highly urbanized areas because mini-Targets are taking hold, our recruiters have their fingers on the pulse of commercial and retail construction.

Commercial Construction recruitingSo much is happening in the commercial construction industry, that keeping up with all the changes can be a daunting task. If you need industry insight into the commercial construction job market, our construction recruiters can share industry insight that’s relevant to your markets. Do you need to know if your retail clients are taking advantage of e-business solutions, or just what pay ranges are considered competitive for construction project managers in your geography? Our recruiting team has been in the construction industry for 10+ years, and the insight we can share with you can make a big difference in your business. Yes, there is going to be a huge ramp up in construction on the east coast because of hurricane damage, no, you can’t afford to wait a week on delivering that offer to that great candidate, and unfortunately we are all waiting to find out what changes, (if any) will result from the Associated Builders and Contractors Law Suit against the DOL.

Our commercial construction recruiting team is more than just your resource for filling your difficult to fill commercial construction position. We aim to be a true partner in your business. From building your team to building your knowledge base, let us be your partner in the commercial construction industry.

Commercial Construction Recruiting partnerWe focus on commercial construction recruiting in the Midwest (from Minnesota to Texas), and we don’t aim to be all things to all people. If you’d like a partner who understands your industry and can make a real difference in your hiring, feel free to give us a call.

Fort Worth Construction Recruiter trustworthy

Tyler Craig serves as Account Executive/ Recruiter for St. Louis, and Texas. His passion and goal oriented mindset make Tyler an asset for our valued clients.

11 Oct 2016
Brokerage recruiter

Employee Engagement Trends from 2016

With Q4 upon us, and the fall weather here, many hiring managers are looking over budgets and planning for their 2017 hiring. Here at MRI Cedar Rapids, we always like to share our industry insights and help our clients prepare for what’s coming next. This sharing of best practices allows us to serve our clients as more than just your brokerage recruiter- we strive to be true partners throughout your brokerage business process.

A 15/5 article going over employee engagement provided some interesting insight that we’d like to share- even though this is a look back at 2016, we can use the insight to help plan for the next year of hiring, and retaining brokerage talent for your brokerage firm.

Brokerage RecruiterSome of the brokerage employee engagement trends were predictable- Flexibility and remote work would become more condoned as technology continues to make our work more accessible. While the desire of employees to work remotely is typically strong, the challenges to keep employees engaged when they work remotely can be felt by managers. Some of our own team here at MRI CR works remotely, and their engagement and productivity continues to be high, due to our engaged leadership and the personal responsibility each team member feels to the others. While remote work isn’t going away, effective managers will find new ways to keep their remote employees engaged and productive. It may be through more frequent video conference calls, it may be through providing additional challenge or just asking the question- “what can I do, as your manager, to help you stay engaged?”.

Life Insurance Brokerage Recruiter

Another engagement trend from the article revolves around technology- with the availability of feedback coming in electronically, as well as the two way communication that’s possible to help keep employees engaged. Of course, without good management, even the best tools will be useless. Engaged managers make for an engaged workforce. When your brokerage managers are highly engaged, communicative, and inspiring to their team, you’ll have more engaged employees that feel comfortable enough to give feedback, care enough to be thorough in their feedback, and want to help their team enough to be able to have the tough conversations. Engaged managers lead engaged workers to even greater achievements, and ensuring that you have great leaders is another point the article made.

Insurance Brokerage Recruiter

It’s an old adage that people join companies, but leave managers, and evidence continues to be revealed that supports this statement. When a manager is seen as compassionate, authentic, and present, their employees are more likely to stay with the firm, and keep doing their best. Consistent feedback, compassionately expressed, is invaluable to improving an engaged team, or putting together a team that’s not quite up to par. The feedback must be specific, and positive feedback is more effective than negative feedback. For example, tell your brokers what they do well over what they don’t do well. This systematic increase of positive behavior will, over time diminish negative behaviors, and the frequent feedback will allow for additional tweaking of any behavior that needs to happen as time goes on.

Other traits that are necessary to inspire engagement are a sense of dignity- or the quality of deserving honor; the habit of holding themselves and their team accountable; leading with integrity, or acting according to their values, and demonstrations of empathy towards their team, their clients, and others. When a compassionate leader is engaged and believes in their cause, their team is more likely to stay with them- through 2017 and beyond.

Brokerage recruiter


Tyler is devoted to ensuring MRI Cedar Rapids is consistently providing only the best talent.  He is very passionate about providing strong service to both his client and candidate partners. His positive attitude, and his impeccable character make him another valuable member of the successful Financial Services team at MRI Cedar Rapids.

04 Oct 2016
Nashville Tennessee commercial construction

7 Reasons the Best Employees Quit

A recent Inc. Article sparked a discussion within our network- 7 Reasons the Best Employees Quit, Even When they Like Their Job. This article outlines the real reasons higly skilled professionals leave positions, even ones they enjoy- not all of us are the same, but most of us can relate to some, if not all of the problems that may motivate someone to leave a good position. I know for myself I’ve always been attracted to organizations that are constantly moving forward, offering challenges (but not overwhelming experiences), and have a strong sense of ethical vision to guide the team. The points Lolly Daskal brings up in her article really pinpoint the issues that go beyond the job tasks and the industry to target issues Managers would be able to address, or mitigate in order to keep their best people.

Commercial Construction Superintendent Hiring
CREDIT: Getty Images

What if you were a Commercial Construction Superintendent that didn’t have a possibility of advancement? What could you do to challenge yourself or continue your career progression if there weren’t continuously challenging construction projects or new jobs to try building out? When you feel stagnant, even if you love your general contractor construction company, you have to do what’s right for your career, and staying put when you’re not happy isn’t going to help you, or your team do the best commercial construction work that you can.

Commercial Construction Job optionsIn other cases, the work isn’t boring- it’s overwhelming! If your current construction company has trusted you and depended on you for more than your fair share of the load, if you haven’t seen your kids during waking hours in weeks, and you aren’t sure if you can continue at this pace- talk to your manager! Sometimes (especially in construction) the cyclical nature of the work means extraordinarily busy times, hopefully followed by a more reasonable pace, or changes in staffing/ resources to balance the work better. If being overworked is because of an uneven allocation of responsibilities, or other mis-management that hasn’t been addressed after discussion of potential solutions with your company, it may be the right thing to move to a place that has more reasonable expectations of what one person, and an effective Commercial Construction Team can do in a day’s work.

Sometimes what’s right for your career is to move. I’m not about taking happy employees away from organizations that are providing what they need, but when you are thinking about making the next strategic step in your Commercial Construction Career, I’ll help in any way that I can.

Twin cities commercial construction


Nate Nolte serves the Commercial Construction Industry throughout the midwest. His competitiveness and passion for the construction industry drive him to find the best candidates for his clients. Nate’s clients appreciate his market intelligence and competitive insight.

20 Sep 2016
Chicago Construction Recruiting

Construction Today- Chicago Construction Recruiter

Construction Today recently featured an article written by our  very own Chicago Construction Recruiting Expert- Jim Lappin. Jim has successfully led the construction recruiting team of MR Cedar Rapids through his expertise, devotion to his clients, and his desire to share his extensive knowledge with his network.

In his article, Jim explains how the exponentially increasing demand for construction professionals leads to potential problems for the hiring managers that are feeling the pinch of an ever more competitive employment market. Some best practices he shares include several suggestions for finding solutions for your Midwest construction recruiting needs- an excerpt of the Construction Today article follows:

Chicago Construction RecruitingFinding Solutions

  • Looking beyond the field – Companies became accustomed to finding candidates in their own backyards during the recession – no relocation costs, and no recruiter fees. They now have to accept that those days are over and a new reality is in place. Competition for skilled professionals is intense, and they will likely have to employ recruitment professionals specializing in the industry to source passive candidates and lure them away from the competition.
  • Enlarging the candidate pool – Companies also must foster a more open approach to new tactics to find the best talent. Instead of looking for the “perfect” candidate on paper, they have to consider not only skills, but also factors such as cultural fit, ambition and management style. The offer itself is often a secondary concern when both parties recognize a good, long-term fit.
  • Improving the recruitment process – Often companies lose a top candidate to a competitor because their hiring process takes too long. In the current market, when a company hesitates to hire, candidates simply pursue other options. They are no longer fearful about the job market, knowing there are better opportunities out there.
  • Ensuring that the offer is competitive – Similarly, candidates are not going to accept substandard offers. As the supply of qualified workers tightens, compensation levels and benefits packages are improving in order to attract and retain construction professionals. Yet even with these pay and benefits increases, many firms find they are still losing workers to other construction firms and other industries, further exacerbating the problem.

Chicago Construction Recruiter Jim LappinIf you are experiencing difficulty in finding top talent in the Chicago Commercial Construction market, Jim Lappin is an excellent resource to help you solve your Chicago construction recruiting issues.

Chicago Construction Recruiter

As leader of the construction recruiting team, Jim shares his extensive knowledge and propels his team to success. With more than 19 years in the construction and materials industry, Jim Lappin is committed to helping firms find the best talent at the right time.

13 Sep 2016
Fort Worth Construction Recruiter trustworthy

Fort Worth Texas Construction Recruiting expert

If you live in the DFW metroplex, you’ve seen all the changes to your skyline, and if you work in construction, you’ve probably made your own mark on the buildings and infrastructure there. As a dedicated construction recruiter serving the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex, Tyler Craig has made his own impact on the skyline, through the careers of the construction professionals he places with excellent General Contractors in Texas, and throughout the Midwest.

Fort Worth Construction Recruiter-Tyler Craig Dallas Fort Worth Construction Recruiter

Our construction recruiting team specializes in building a strong partnership with our clients, and my practice has led me to build some excellent relationships with General Contractors in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Our recruiting approach isn’t a one time project- I’m in the DFW metroplex for the long haul, and helping you build your Fort Worth Construction team is what I’m here for. My strategy to help your construction team make their mark in the DFW area is focused on your goals, and I wanted to share a few of our strategies with you here.

DFW Construction Recruiting expert

  • Consultative Recruiting process

We start with an in depth needs analysis profile, where I’ll ask you all about your organization and team, to really get to know you and the goals you have for your projects, your clients, and your team development. This is a spring board in to a much broader consultative relationship than you may have had with other recruiters. Yes we’ll find you the right people, not just to keep doing good business, but we will also help you to develop your business and solve any issues you’re focused on resolving within your team. Whether it’s market data, industry best practices, or insight into what’s happening with other companies in your area, I’ll serve you, not just as your Fort Worth Construction Recruiter, but as a true partner to help your business grow. I’ll help you solve problems any way that I can, even if it’s just sharing useful tidbits I run across in my daily Construction Recruiting practice that will help you keep ahead of the competition.

DFW Construction recruiting

  • Team Approach

Our Dallas Forth Worth Recruiting practice is supported by our team of experts. It’s not just me working to fulfill your goals, but our crew of recruiting experts that have persevered and succeeded through both boom and bust economies. When you ask my team for help, we are all in- we research deep into the market based on your unique requirements, and bring to the task our combined experience and proven strategies to make sure your need is fulfilled quickly, accurately and that you’re completely satisfied with the process.

DFW construction Recruiting Expert

  • Unique, long term partnership to grow your Fort Worth Construction Team

One of the great things about developing a tight niche in Commercial Construction in the Dallas Forth Worth area is that I’ve gotten to help my clients grow their successful teams- and help them surmount the growing pains that come in such a busy market. I’ve seen the changes as they happen in the DFW construction market, and I’m sticking around with you for whatever changes come next. I’m not spread too thin to help you- I’m right there in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex every day. When you need me to help with a search, of course I’m there, when you need compensation information, and industry standard data, I’m there. I’m your Dallas Fort Worth Construction partner, and I’m growing with you as you add to the Fort Worth skyline and infrastructure.


Tyler Craig serves the Construction Industry as Recruiting Account Executive since 2014- view his bio here