Cedar Rapids Succession Planning- Corridor Strategic Hiring

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Cedar Rapids Succession Planning- Corridor Strategic Hiring

Succession Planning in the Corridor.

It’s never too early in the year to be looking towards the future, and strong succession planning is a big part of preparing for our organizational future. With successful long term careers behind many Cedar Rapids professionals, thinking about who will fill their shoes is a natural next step for great leaders. It’s not always easy to think about moving on, whether it’s a retirement, or developing into a new role as your company grows. But, if you want your company to be successful long term, it’s necessary to think about succession planning, and find that perfect someone to take over your role. We here at MRI Cedar Rapids are all about building long term success, and we’d be happy to help you ensure the long term success of your company even after your role with them changes.

Succession Planning Recruiting

What’s happening right now?

Right now, I have a wonderful Cedar Rapids client that is proactively hiring to fulfill their succession plan. This active and inspiring not for profit organization, has asked our local market team to help them hire the best. We are not just   assisting them fulfill their current need – we are bringing on the talent they will groom into an executive level leader in the years to come. I feel honored to be trusted with such an important, and far reaching search, as this organization truly looks to impact not just their own success, but the health and well-being of our community and environment. Currently my client and I are working together to identify and engage qualified candidates that will grow into executive roles with my client’s company for years to come.

Recruiting Succession Plan
Succession planning for success.

When you recognize how far your organization has come, you’ll want to be sure that the right person is there to accept the torch when it’s time for you to pass it on. MRI Cedar Rapids is here to help you find just the right fit for your team, and your organizations team of the future. What type of person will your team need after you’ve retired? If you don’t have the right fit to promote from within your company, how will you decide on an outsider to bring in to fill your shoes? Taking plenty of time to plan, and objectively discussing the needs of the team, including those anticipated needs of the future are indefensible for making a seamless succession plan.

Cedar Rapids Recruiter Succession Planning

If I can help you plan how you’ll pass the torch within your company, feel free to reach out!

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With a 20 year history of recruiting in the Cedar Rapids Corridor, Sarah Hermanson serves as the Iowa Business Practice Director of MRI Cedar Rapids