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Construction Today- Chicago Construction Recruiter

Construction Today recently featured an article written by our  very own Chicago Construction Recruiting Expert- Jim Lappin. Jim has successfully led the construction recruiting team of MR Cedar Rapids through his expertise, devotion to his clients, and his desire to share his extensive knowledge with his network.

In his article, Jim explains how the exponentially increasing demand for construction professionals leads to potential problems for the hiring managers that are feeling the pinch of an ever more competitive employment market. Some best practices he shares include several suggestions for finding solutions for your Midwest construction recruiting needs- an excerpt of the Construction Today article follows:

Chicago Construction RecruitingFinding Solutions

  • Looking beyond the field – Companies became accustomed to finding candidates in their own backyards during the recession – no relocation costs, and no recruiter fees. They now have to accept that those days are over and a new reality is in place. Competition for skilled professionals is intense, and they will likely have to employ recruitment professionals specializing in the industry to source passive candidates and lure them away from the competition.
  • Enlarging the candidate pool – Companies also must foster a more open approach to new tactics to find the best talent. Instead of looking for the “perfect” candidate on paper, they have to consider not only skills, but also factors such as cultural fit, ambition and management style. The offer itself is often a secondary concern when both parties recognize a good, long-term fit.
  • Improving the recruitment process – Often companies lose a top candidate to a competitor because their hiring process takes too long. In the current market, when a company hesitates to hire, candidates simply pursue other options. They are no longer fearful about the job market, knowing there are better opportunities out there.
  • Ensuring that the offer is competitive – Similarly, candidates are not going to accept substandard offers. As the supply of qualified workers tightens, compensation levels and benefits packages are improving in order to attract and retain construction professionals. Yet even with these pay and benefits increases, many firms find they are still losing workers to other construction firms and other industries, further exacerbating the problem.

Chicago Construction Recruiter Jim LappinIf you are experiencing difficulty in finding top talent in the Chicago Commercial Construction market, Jim Lappin is an excellent resource to help you solve your Chicago construction recruiting issues.

Chicago Construction Recruiter

As leader of the construction recruiting team, Jim shares his extensive knowledge and propels his team to success. With more than 19 years in the construction and materials industry, Jim Lappin is committed to helping firms find the best talent at the right time.