Contract Life Insurance Underwriting Growth

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Contract Life Insurance Underwriting Growth

Flexible work is not just an option anymore- it’s expected! When our clients are looking for the right fits for their workforce, we often suggest contractors as a good option for their Life Insurance Underwriting team needs. This flexibility in their workforce allows Life Insurance Companies to perform to their clients expectations, and make sure their budgets stay right sized as well. Contract employees enjoy the freedom and autonomy that comes with working on an as-needed basis, and frequently do so from their homes.

contract-life-insurance-underwriterOur experience in placing contract life insurance underwriters is nothing short of impressive, with contract staffing making up a significant portion of our clientele’s preferred service. We began placing Contract Underwriters in 2013, while flexible work was already an option for most, but the updates in technology made it possible for Contract Life Insurance Underwriters to work from home. Three years later, we continue to impress our candidates and clients with the convenience and flexibility of satisfying contract underwriting jobs. While the work quality and productivity of these Remote Life Insurance Underwriters continues to be high, the flexibility of being on contract, as well as working remotely, creates a combination of autonomy and professional development that many independent Life Insurance Underwriters thrive with.

Contract Underwriting jobs

These contract underwriting jobs aren’t limited to entry level positions either. High level contractors that have retired from full time work, and are looking for augmentation of their retirement funds often become contractors with our clients, who are happy to take advantage of their significant experience and expertise. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you utilize this continuously desired, and growing portion of the workforce, feel free to reach out. Contract Underwriting Jobs aren’t going away, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Wade Morris began his career with MRI Cedar Rapids in 2012, and gained his CSAM Designation in 2015.