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Dallas Construction Recruiting Partner

With so much growth in the Dallas Construction market, everyone has hiring needs. MRI Cedar Rapids is uniquely situated to help you fulfill your construction recruiting needs in the DFW Metroplex. We boast a focused Recruiter dedicated to the Dallas, Texas market. Tyler Craig is helping Dallas Fort Worth Commercial Construction General Contractors like you find and hire the best talent.

Commercial Construction General Contractor Recruiter
Tyler Craig- Texas Construction Recruiter

We specialize in developing partnerships with Dallas Construction clients and focus on their long term growth. We focus on being your Construction Recruiting partner – not just getting a single placement. Commercial Construction Clients in Dallas turn to me when they’re experiencing any number of frustrations in the competitive Dallas Hiring market. Here are just a few of the headaches Construction Clients like you have shared with me, that I’ve helped to resolve.

General Contractor Construction recruiter
-Not being able to get top candidates in the market

The old “post and pray” method just isn’t working in this tight, fast moving market- you need access to top talent- passive candidates that aren’t just bouncing from job to job. Our construction team has been working construction recruitment for over 10 years, and we have resources to get you the talent you want- not just the talent that’s actively seeking employment.

-Having long drawn out processes on job boards

Talent doesn’t wait! In this quickly changing Dallas construction landscape, you can’t afford to wait weeks to get 3 qualified candidates that your hiring committee can interview. If you want comparison candidates, waiting for more to apply isn’t an effective option. The first candidate you received last week will have a new position nailed down, and be out of the job market before you can get a decent pool. I actively recruit in the Dallas construction market every day, and can quickly get multiple candidates to you, significantly shortening your search process.

-Needing a recruitment partner who deeply understands your needs

I focus solely in Commercial Construction in the Mid Cities Texas Markets. If you’ve had “project managers” from outside the construction industry apply, or if you’ve wasted time digging through resumes from Sub-contractors, not from General Contractors like you need, I can help you. My deep understanding of Commercial Construction means faster ramp-up time for your search, and no wasted time with someone that doesn’t understand your needs.

-Not having a trusted partner through the process of building your team

We are here for you as you build your team. I know some Construction General Contractors that have had a recruiter throw resumes their way, but disappeared halfway through a process, or just never replied to a request for help. I’m in this business to be your partner, to do that I need your communication, feedback, and you can depend on mine. If you want someone to stick with you as your construction company grows, I’m your man.


I look forward to helping you build your team, and being your trusted resource for Construction Recruiting in the Dallas, Texas market.

tyler-craig-colorTyler Craig serves the MRI Cedar Rapids team by recruiting throughout Mid & Southern Texas (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, & Austin)