Employee Engagement Trends from 2016

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Employee Engagement Trends from 2016

With Q4 upon us, and the fall weather here, many hiring managers are looking over budgets and planning for their 2017 hiring. Here at MRI Cedar Rapids, we always like to share our industry insights and help our clients prepare for what’s coming next. This sharing of best practices allows us to serve our clients as more than just your brokerage recruiter- we strive to be true partners throughout your brokerage business process.

A 15/5 article going over employee engagement provided some interesting insight that we’d like to share- even though this is a look back at 2016, we can use the insight to help plan for the next year of hiring, and retaining brokerage talent for your brokerage firm.

Brokerage RecruiterSome of the brokerage employee engagement trends were predictable- Flexibility and remote work would become more condoned as technology continues to make our work more accessible. While the desire of employees to work remotely is typically strong, the challenges to keep employees engaged when they work remotely can be felt by managers. Some of our own team here at MRI CR works remotely, and their engagement and productivity continues to be high, due to our engaged leadership and the personal responsibility each team member feels to the others. While remote work isn’t going away, effective managers will find new ways to keep their remote employees engaged and productive. It may be through more frequent video conference calls, it may be through providing additional challenge or just asking the question- “what can I do, as your manager, to help you stay engaged?”.

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Another engagement trend from the article revolves around technology- with the availability of feedback coming in electronically, as well as the two way communication that’s possible to help keep employees engaged. Of course, without good management, even the best tools will be useless. Engaged managers make for an engaged workforce. When your brokerage managers are highly engaged, communicative, and inspiring to their team, you’ll have more engaged employees that feel comfortable enough to give feedback, care enough to be thorough in their feedback, and want to help their team enough to be able to have the tough conversations. Engaged managers lead engaged workers to even greater achievements, and ensuring that you have great leaders is another point the article made.

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It’s an old adage that people join companies, but leave managers, and evidence continues to be revealed that supports this statement. When a manager is seen as compassionate, authentic, and present, their employees are more likely to stay with the firm, and keep doing their best. Consistent feedback, compassionately expressed, is invaluable to improving an engaged team, or putting together a team that’s not quite up to par. The feedback must be specific, and positive feedback is more effective than negative feedback. For example, tell your brokers what they do well over what they don’t do well. This systematic increase of positive behavior will, over time diminish negative behaviors, and the frequent feedback will allow for additional tweaking of any behavior that needs to happen as time goes on.

Other traits that are necessary to inspire engagement are a sense of dignity- or the quality of deserving honor; the habit of holding themselves and their team accountable; leading with integrity, or acting according to their values, and demonstrations of empathy towards their team, their clients, and others. When a compassionate leader is engaged and believes in their cause, their team is more likely to stay with them- through 2017 and beyond.

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