Quentin White

Associate Recruiter



Quentin joined Management Recruiters of Cedar Rapids in 2019 as an Intern while still attending Coe College here in Cedar Rapids. Originally from St. Louis, Quentin’s connection to the area and local knowledge has been a crucial part of the Manufacturing team’s ability to successfully grow and incorporate the St. Louis Manufacturing Market. As an athlete his whole life, Quentin is a highly motivated and passionate individual, bringing a strong competitive attitude that drives him to be successful.

Since starting with MRCR Quentin has been able to take the guidance of our teams more experienced recruiters and not only learn from them but also incorporate the advice they give him into his daily work, allowing him to become a strong recruiter. He takes a personal approach with the people he works with, going past what they want in their career and learning about who they are as a person, what they are passionate about and what really want in life, and is able to help them find a new opportunity that will best support those goals.

Outside of the Office:

As a lifelong athlete, Quentin enjoys working out, playing sports with friends, golfing, and reading. He also enjoys taking time to travel and discover new places and experiences.