Finding Purpose at Work

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Finding Purpose at Work

A recent Harvard Business Review article caught our attention, and we were motivated to share it with our network. Dan Pontefract wrote a thought provoking article entitled: You’re never done finding purpose at work, in which he shares interesting findings from Psychological Science, as well as his own personal declaration of purpose.

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When thinking about how our professional lives and our personal purpose influence each other, it’s more than just our childhood dreams of wanting to be a superhero. For example, I’ve always known I wanted to help people, and that path led me to academic achievement in Psychology, and then to a specialization in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and now to a rewarding position with MRI Cedar Rapids where we help professionals in Financial Services and Construction achieve greater professional purpose. Helping others succeed at work is a perfect expression of my personal purpose, and my position with Management Recruiters of Cedar Rapids gives me an excellent vantage point to help Commercial Construction and Financial Services Professionals by giving them traction to improve their work lives. Our Construction Team assists General Contractors across the Midwest from Construction Estimators to Vice Presidents of Construction find their best fits and pursue their purpose.

Commercial Construction General Contractor Recruiter Finding and implementing your professional purpose will take some time and tweaking to be sure you’re headed in the right direction. But it’s worth it! If you are feeling lost or listless in your career, take a moment to re-evaluate your personal purpose- is it to help others protect their loved ones, like a Life Insurance Professional? Is it to make beautiful, functional places for people to live and work, like a Construction Professional? If you want to be able to do more in your profession, we’d like to help.


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