Wholesale Hiring Headaches Healed

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Wholesale Hiring Headaches Healed

If our clients didn’t need help with filling their open Insurance Wholesaling positions, they wouldn’t come to us. Our service is based on eliminating your pain in the hiring process, and helping you develop effective teams that will positively impact your business. We know how difficult certain positions can be to fill, and we are prepared to walk through the challenge with you, and help heal your hiring headaches. Our Wholesale recruiting team knows the ins and outs of hiring even the most difficult to find insurance wholesaling talent. When our clients come to us, we ask them where their pain is- is it that they’re finding the right skill set, but without a team fit, or they aren’t finding the right skill set at all? Other insurance wholesaling team leaders feel they would be able to find the right person to add to their team, but the time constraints of their own position, or the need to fill the role is so urgent that they need help to get the position filled quickly.

Here are just a few of the challenges we help overcome with our effective insurance wholesale recruiting team.

Wholesale Insurance recruitingTired of non cultural fits

If you feel like you’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, you may be dealing with a non-cultural fit for your position. Nobody knows your team better than you, and knowing that someone just isn’t going to mesh well with your team can be frustrating when they have an excellent skill set. Here at MRI Cedar Rapids, we’re not going to gloss over the cultural aspect of your position, or culture’s importance to an effectively functioning team. We listen to you during our in depth ¬†needs analysis profile, and get a good feel for what you’re looking for in the culture, attitude and personality of candidates you’d like to see. We know that having a cohesive team that works well together makes your job as a manager easier, and we will do everything we can to make sure we’re sending you candidates that not only CAN do the job, but WILL be a good fit for your team.

Wholesaler insurance recruitingHard skill set to find

Having over 15 years experience in a tight niche market like Life Insurance Wholesaling makes it a bit easier for us to find people with the specific skill set that you need. Having built our expertise in the Insurance Wholesaling market, we know the big players, as well as the up-and-comers that will have the precise skills that you need. If you’re having trouble nailing down where to find the folks that can do what you need your new team member to do, we take the hard-hunting out of the search for you, by zeroing in and seeking out just those that have the rare certification that you need, and digging even deeper to uncover additional pockets of talent that can help meet your needs.

Wholesale insurance recruiterUrgency to hire

Sometimes you know your team needs to grow, and you put a succession plan in place, and you hire as needed and everything works smoothly. Other times you suddenly find yourself with urgent needs on your team, and everyone is overworked, and you of course are picking up the slack as best you can to try to take the pressure off of your team, and how are you ever going to find the time to hire someone when you’re working 80 hour weeks? When you need to hire the right person yesterday, we can help. As long as we have honest, open communication, and can squeeze an interview into your calendar, we will get you the best fit ASAP. We know how to translate your urgency into a short, thorough selection process that doesn’t sacrifice quality for speed to market.


These are just a few of the hiring headaches we’ve helped Wholesale Insurance Managers overcome- if my team can help you with your hiring, feel free to reach out-


Chris Meyer serves as Account Executive to financial services hiring managers across the country.

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