Recruiting Team Excellence: How we serve our Financial Service Clients Better

Vice President of Underwriting

Recruiting Team Excellence: How we serve our Financial Service Clients Better

Mike Brown has been with MRI Cedar Rapids for over 15 years leading the Financial Services Recruiting Team. Since 2015 he’s led the entire team as franchise owner. Mike has extraordinary experience recruiting in the Financial Services Market from New York to San Francisco. Building long term relationships with Financial Services clients through candid, open partnership and fulfillment of shared goals has set Mike apart from other recruiters serving the insurance market.

Wholesale Brokerage RecruiterI’ve been working with some clients my entire tenure with MRI Cedar Rapids, while others are new client partners with the firm. When a hiring manager comes to me for help, they can expect a deep dive into their needs, which some other recruiting firms skip over. When I get into conversations with hiring managers I ask the real questions, digging deep into their needs, preferences, and the future of the team they’re building. For a Financial Services client looking to add a Vice President of Life Insurance Underwriting, the needs and expectations of our recruiting partnership may be different than a Vice President of Advanced Sales. Not only are their team cultures and goals inevitably different, their preferred communication may be different as well. For example, I have several clients that I’ll text with information on what their Wholesale Brokerage Recruiting team has been working on- if I can text, with quick messages for your wholesale brokerage candidates, I’ll get you that information as quickly as possible. On the other hand, if you prefer to have a sit down meeting with me once a week to go over all of your Vice President of Wholesale Brokerage candidates, we can go about it that way as well.

Vice President of UnderwritingWe pride ourselves on being the best possible Insurance and Financial Services Recruiters in the business. We don’t expect your Financial Services hiring team to conform to a one-size-fits all approach. We meet you where you are in your team needs, and work with you the way you want us to.

If you’ve be frustrated with lack of communication or understanding from other Financial Services Recruiters, give us a try- we serve our Financial Services Clients better.


Underwriting RecruiterMichael Brown is a devoted, pragmatic leader and has been with MRI Cedar Rapids since 2001. Since joining the company, Michael has consistently led the team’s success. Now the owner of the practice, Mike still works a full, active desk, serving the life insurance and annuity industries nationally. His success in the business is a direct result of building deep relationships with the top performers of the industry and knowing the “who’s who” of the insurance world.