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16 Aug 2016
Minneapolis Construction Project Manager Position

Twin Cities Recruiting

In a recent Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal Article the devotion and commitment of Dennis Doyle to the development and revitalization of the Twin Cities was outlined. When thinking about the impact that an individual with passion for improving the infrastructure of an entire city, it’s amazing how much a single person can do to make a difference.

Serving as recruiter for Twin Cities Construction, Nate Nolte knows the market and is continuing to make a positive impact in the work lives of construction professionals in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond.

Twin cities commercial constructionWhen thinking about the challenges that face Construction Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators, and Executives in the Twin Cities, it’s important to remember the environmental and infrastructure changes that are impacting this work. The focus I’ve been able to achieve by diligently zeroing in, and recruiting in just the construction market of a few select geographies, has given me some good insight into what’s happening in the twin cities, and this allows me to help my clients make the best choices when building their teams.

Minneapolis Construction Project Manager Position

The exciting changes in the Twin Cities skyline are evidence of great changes happening the careers of Construction professionals that I help place. When you are interested in making a change and advancing your construction career- whether you are moving from a project engineer up to a project manager, or want to join a company that believes in the professional development of their employees by offering Construction Project Management certification courses and professional training opportunities- I can help make it happen.

It’s a big part of my business to keep in the loop for construction business changes in Minneapolis. Knowing what’s coming up, as well as who’s building where, allows me to help you make better strategic decisions about your career. I’m excited to help make an impact on the Twin Cities Construction Market, and help you make an impact on your Construction Career.

Construction Project Engineer Position recruiterWith so much happening in the Twin Cities, it’s a great time to make a change and better your career!

Twin cities commercial construction

Nate Nolte is a cornerstone for growth on our construction team. He came to Management Recruiters of Cedar Rapids in 2013 with experience in Marketing and Customer Relationship Management across multiple industries. Nate focuses on recruiting construction professionals in Iowa and the Minneapolis/St Paul Twin Cities area.